4-12 Week Programme

Daisies has been working with individuals who hoard or struggle with clutter since its launch in 2017. 

Our experience tells us that rushing in and clearing a home "clearance" style only works for some individuals and situations and often, the results do not last long, simply because the individual concerned hasn't been involved in the process. 

Our programme is different! We believe that individuals have a much better chance to regain some control if they are not judged by their environment, they are treated with compassion and given the tools and support to sustain their new environment. 

Our Decluttering Programme is bespoke to the client. Following an initial assessment we will determine how many visits, over how many weeks the client will need and is comfortable with. We use a variety of tools to determine the significance of the clutter and the risk posed by the environment the individual is living in when doing this. 

A comprehensive draft plan is then shared with the client which provides a overview of their history and needs, overall aims and objectives broken down into each room.

Once we commence working with the individual, where its appropriate and useful to them, we spend some time at the end of each visit reviewing the plan and documenting progress. Adjustments in line with how the client is managing will be made throughout.

Towards the end of the support programme, we start looking towards the support the individual will need to sustain their environment. This may include supporting them to put in place systems for managing rubbish, administration, joining our online group or in some cases we will consider a monthly well-being visit to "check in" and offer support and accountability.