Bereavement Decluttering

 Here at Daisies we understand the difficult task of sorting through a loved ones belongings after they have passed away.

For some individuals no matter how much time has passed, the thought of sorting through items is still too painful. Some clients tell us they just need a professional to hold their hand and guide them through the process, whilst others feel unable to be involved or logistically cannot commit the time required because they live overseas etc.

We support bereaved clients in a variety of ways. We will spend some time learning about the individual who has passed away, listening to whats important to them and their family. 

We will form a written and detailed plan of their wishes and allow them plenty of time to consider and amend this.

Whatever the situation we will sensitively handle the individuals belongings, we can facilitate donations to charities that mean something to the individual personally, we package carefully and label items, we can make up memory boxes for you.

Our Bereavement Service can support you right through from sorting through items to cleaning a property and making it presentable for sale or re letting.

Talk to us in confidence and at a pace to suit you.