Clutter v's Hoarding


What is Clutter?

Clutter is a term often used to describe disorganisation. It can also refer to items that have no permanent "home", that do not get used, or are broken.

There is a difference between an untidy desk or a work surface that needs the recycling taking out and hoarding, but still sometimes we need a hand to clear it and find ourselves motivated again. 


What is Hoarding?

Hoarding is the process in which someone acquires an excessive number of items and stores them in a chaotic manner, usually resulting in unmanageable and often dangerous amounts of clutter filling everyday living spaces.  The items often hold no real monetary value. 

Hoarding is considered a significant problem if:

  • The level of clutter impacts or restricts everyday living e.g accessing rooms

  • The cluttered items negatively impact quality of life e.g if the individuals living conditions have deteriorated due to the clutter or if they become upset if someone attempts to clear it.  

It's very important that individuals who hoard are encouraged and enabled to seek help. Experiencing difficulties with discarding items can lead to other issues with well-being such as loneliness and mental health problems in addition to creating a health and safety risk.

What Support is Available?