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Office Cleaning

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First impressions count in business so when customers arrive in your workplace for the first time it cleanliness will impact on the image they form in their mind.

The importance of adopting high standrads when it comes to daily cleaning should not be underestimated, your offices, communal areas and showrooms should be dressed for success, not just from the customers point of view but also to ensure and overall effective workforce.

Cleanliness is of paramount importance when considering employee health and wellbeing and can be a positive influence on driving down absences from work. Daisies use anti bacterial cleaning products to eradicate germs abd bugs and therefore reduce the risk of cold and flu viruses, e-coli and c-difficle etc.

Our services are customised according to the needs of the client/business type . All staff are DBS checked so you can trust them with the keys to the property and your privacy. 

Quality Assured

We have a strict quality assurance policy in place which includes, regular inspections of office sites, surveys and feedback requests.  

Our team maintain an office clean checklist which will remain onsite and be accessible to you at all times, this allows you to audit our work in addition to our own quality assurance policy

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